Ronchess Global Resources PLC

    Consultancy & Training

    Ronchess Global Resources provides CONSULTANCY AND TRAINING SERVICES IN TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT AND ROAD SAFETY Our traffic management consultancy services cover the entire grid of highly specialized traffic impact assessment, technical analysis and reporting on the influence of urban development projects such as residential housing estates, construction of large public buildings and facilities like stadiums, airports, churches, event centers, car parks; and commercial buildings like shopping malls, office complexes, banks and hotels; we measure and evaluate the impact of these construction projects on the roads with graphic probabilities and simulation of the areas and ways they will affect vehicular and pedestrian traffic if and when it is built. Traffic impact assessment is a norm in any modern society and a necessity for a developing nation; as it aids government to plan and make effective decisions that promote and protect public order and safety. Our road safety training and orientation services using detailed and 3D simulations on various media platforms are designed to educate road users on traffic regulations, interpretation of traffic signs and road markings; as well as inculcate proper road habits. We also train traffic management officers in hands on Sequence and Segment, etc.