Ronchess Global Resources PLC

    Ronchess International

    New York City

    Ronchess International is a subsidiary of Ronchess Global Resources PLC. Located on the 34th floor of One Penn Plaza and overlooking one of the most iconic venues in the world, the Madison Square Garden, Ronchess International is centrally located and would always seek to achieve excellence within the business world.

    Ronchess international focuses on three main areas:

    1. Real Estate Development & Investments
    2. Private Equity Interest
    3. Venture Capital Funding

    1. Real Estate Development & Investment

    Ronchess international is at the forefront of the next generation of real estate acquisition, development and investment both in the United States and in Nigeria. Our focus is on the acquisition and development of real estate structures that reflect quality, affordability and elegance. We have partnered with a dependable team of architects, civil engineers, builders, interior designers, and contractors to design and excellently execute each and every one of our real estate project.

    2. Private Equity Interest

    Ronchess International seeks to invest, as active investors, in small companies that have mastered a solid business model. We constantly analyse promising small companies in order to identify possibilities of acquiring equity interests in them. We employ an investment analyses approach that is thorough, systematic and ethical. By developing and maintaining relationships with merger & acquisition (M&A) experts, investment bankers and other industry professionals to secure both high-quantity and high-quality deal flow, we are able to confidently identify prospective acquisition opportunities for investment consideration.

    Industries of Interest: Oil & Gas, Consumer & Retail Dining, Business Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy, Technology, Telecom, Biotech, Media & Entertainment. Investment Range: $250,000 – $5,000,000

    3. Venture Capital Funding

    Ronchess international’s business interest extends to venture capital funding. Through our rigorous business valuation analysis, our investment professionals seek to add value to high-potential, growth startup companies in an effort to help them expand as well as achieve a greater return on our investment. Our areas of startup interest include: Information Technology in the United States and Africa, Scientific research and Experimental Development in the United States, Canada, Germany & United Kingdom.