Ronchess Global Resources PLC

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    Corporate Governance

    Accountability & Fairplay

    The Board of Directors of Ronchess Global Resources PLC, has always been committed to the promotion of Good Corporate Governance together with Corporate Social Responsibility as well as being committed to creating long-term, value-added returns to its shareholders and placing importance on the preservation of rights of its stakeholders in every country that Ronchess operates its business. Ronchess continues to develop and improve the policies, rules, regulations and procedures relating to conducting business with ethics in line with the principle of Good Corporate Governance at the country level and in line with the international guidelines. Ronchess also focuses on creating awareness to its management and all levels of staff especially on the issues of responsibility and enhancement of the Good Corporate Governance practices to be at the standard of the organization at every of its establishments. Ronchess believes that Good Corporate Governance system and process are the crucial factors for attaining business success for the best interest of the shareholders as well as for treating all stakeholders with equity and fairness. The Board of Directors affirms to adhere to the principles of systematic management and transparent and accountable corporate governance. 

    Ronchess is committed to the principles of good corporate governance in compliance with the recommended best practices for listed companies and relevant rules, regulations and guidelines of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. In addition, the Company aims to attain the highest international standards and best practices in the adoption and implementation of sound principles of corporate governance.

    The Board of Directors at RGR, PLC are accountable to shareholders for both business operations and in achieving targeted goals that will lead to optimal benefits for shareholders, whilst serving the wider interests of all stakeholders.


    Ronchess Global Resources has a track record for accountability in finance and has been commended for maintaining ZERO liability in over 13 years of operations.