Ronchess Global Resources PLC

    Safety Policy


    Because Ronchess cares for any form of life

    Starting from our rooted belief and culture that “all incidents are preventable”, we continuously ensure that each member of the Ronchess family acts responsibly towards his/her surrounding, colleagues, clients, partners and other contractors to make sure we all go back home safely to our loved ones

    Demanding Industry

    We dedicate a lot of effort to developing thorough procedures, method statements, risk assessments and construction techniques to be followed during execution phase through a proactive approach involving training, setting in place thorough procedures, planning, monitoring and implementing carefully designed systematic improvement measures, we ensure living up to our belief

    All on Board

    Every member of the Ronchess family is empowered and entrusted with a stop-work privilege anytime he identifies a potential cause for an incident at the workplace

    Proactivness is Essential

    Being in a variety of sectors and industries of which the very demanding Oil & Gas, Ronchess  maintains high levels of HSE standards that obey our internal needs, those of our clients and international standards such as OHSAS 18001


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