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    News / June 23, 2020

    The Federal Capital Development Authority in its bid to de-congest traffic and also to make Traffic Intersections within the Fedral Capital Territory safe for road users has awarded the Road Marking contract of 24 major Intersections to Ronchess Global Resources Ltd in conjunction Ltd.

    Road marking are horizontal signs designed to segregate and direct traffic safely and efficiently in a variety of road situations, from high-speed trunk roads and high volume urban environments to unlit rural roads.

    The use of road markings has grown over the years, with the increase use of vehicles, initially as a result of the 1st National Conference on Street and Highway Safety in Washington DC in 1925 .

    Road marking is now a multi-million pound international road safety industry serving all developed and developing nations and cities.

    Pre-Marking already ongoing on the below listed.

    List of the 24 Intersection;

    1. Herbert Macaulay Way by Zakari Maimalari Street
    2. Herbert Macaulay by Sultan Abubakar Way
    3. Herbert Macaulay by Micheal Okpala Street
    4. Olusegun Obasanjo Way by Moshood Abiola Way
    5. Muhammadu Buhari Way by Tafawa Balewa Way
    6. Muhammadu Buhari Way by Zakari Maimalari Street
    7. Tafawa Balewa Way by Zakari Maimalari Street
    8. Tafawa Balewa Way by Samuel Ademulegun Street
    9. Shehu Shagari Way by R.B. Dikko Street
    10. Ahmadu Bello Way by Gimbiya Street
    11. Ahmadu Bello Way by Kapital Street
    12. Kashim Ibrahim Way by Aguiyi Ironsi Street
    13. Kashim Ibrahim Way by Aminu Kano Crescent
    14. Augustin Aikhumu Street by Solomon Lar Street
    15. Ademola Adetokunbo Way by Ademola Adetokunbo Way
    16. Ademola Adetokunbo Way by Freetown Street
    17. Ademola Adetokunbo Way by Lobito Crescent
    18. Ahmadu Bello Way EXT. by Alex Ekwueme Street
    19. Ibrahim Babangida Boulevard by Aguiyi Ironsi Street
    20. Olusegun Obasanjo Way by Independence Avenue
    21. Olusegun Obasanjo Way by Sultan Abubakar Way
    22. Olusegun Obasanjo Way by Micheal Okpala Street
    23. Herbert Macaulay Way by Moshod Abiola Way
    24. Moshood Abiola Way by Muhammadu Buhari way

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